Lake Sebu

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If you want to experience 100 % nature, Lake Sebu is a perfect place for you.  Lake Sebu is located in South Cotabato.  Dwellers of this place are the T’bolis and Ubos.  Tilapia is very much known in this place.  The place has water falls and lakes.  You can also enjoy zip lining. The pictures above are some of the things you can see there.


Lists of Gensan’s Restaurant

Gensan has so many places to go and majority of those places are restaurants.  We have plenty of them in this city.  People really enjoy all the foods here.  If you are one of the neophytes in this city, then check out the following list of restaurants we have.

6′Blings Ostrich Bar and Restaurant


Arnevel’s Restaurant & Catering Services

Aunt Ludi Bakeshop

Bee Stop Restaurant

Big Ben’s Steaks

Big Chow Chinese Restaurant

Calda Pizza

Casa Goatan

Casa Luisa Restaurant

Chicken Ati-atihan

Chicken Hauz

Coffee Club 101

Dimsum Diner

Euro Kitchen


Giacomino’s Pizza Resto

Grab A Crab Restaurant

Gusteau’s Food Hauz

Harvey’s Grill

Inasal de Cebu

Jam’s Restaurant

Jo’s Manokan

Kanto Grill

Kiko’s Family Restaurant

Kurdapoy’s Restaurant

La Veranda Café

Little Dubai Kebabs and Grill

Little Kitchen Restaurant

Mama Mariaz Pizza

Mamagaya Music Lounge & Restaurant

Mandarin Tea Garden

Mang Gorio’s Bahay Kainan

Nadie’s Restaurant

Ocean Cave Seafoods and Steaks

Orange Bistro

Pablo’s Steaks & Crabs

Paseo del Sol


Piyesta KTV & Resto Bar


Ranchero’s Grill

Razon’s Halo-halo

Red Tent Steakhouse

Red Trellis Seafood Garden

Roland’s Steak House

Royale Lounge

Sarangani Highlands

Shakey’S Pizza Restaurant


Sunset Bistro

Tatay Pepe’s Restobar

Zheztah Burgers and Chicken


There you have it.  There are still so many restaura

Landscaping Views in Gensan

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The views above are some of the works of landscapers in the city.  There we would see different styles of landscaping.  We can see fountains, water falls, wall gardens and grotto.


  • Obviously, these are jet or stream of water made artificially by landscapers.

Water falls

  • This is  water from a height.  Landscapers can imitate the views of natural water falls.

Wall Gardens

  • It is a garden hanging at the wall.  Landscapers know so much about the plants that survive in wall.


  • This is usually an imitation of a cave.  Here in Gensan, landscaper’s layman’s term of grotto is a combination of a cave and Virgin Mary.

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The Virgin Paradise

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A friend of mine went to a beach he called paradise. He said it was one of the most beautiful beaches he found in his life. Every corner of the beach made him think that he doesn’t want to go back in the city.

The beach is located near Gensan. It is surrounded by mountains and fine white sands. The ocean water looks so pure and untouched. He said, it was a perfect place to relax and to experience the beauty of nature.

Many places like this beach can be seen near in Gensan. Our neighboring place like Sarangani province has so many Virgin Islands and beaches. These things are some of the must see places of tourists. I’m sure, they would really appreciate the beauty of the place.

Favorite Strolling Place of the Generals

As one of the Generals, I would like to give you some ideas of where most of the Generals stroll when they want to have time for themselves.

Here are the lists:

1.  Malls – Observe malls on Sundays and you will see bunch of people in that place.  We just love to window shop or buy anything that could catch our eyes.  Anyways, there are 4 malls in the city.  We have KCC, Gaisano, Fitmart and Robinsons.  By the way, the city is going to have another mall soon, it’s SM mall and everyone is so excited including myself.

2.  Beaches – Generals love beach.  We are surrounded with waters that’s why it isn’t so hard for us to go swimming.  I know some beaches like Maharlika, Tropicana, London & Gumasa.  Generals know those beaches.  Actually, we have so many here.  I just mentioned the most known.

3.  Plaza de Heneral Santos – Well, plaza here was renovated and it’s all worth it.  All the views look awesome and relaxing.  You can sit there and listen to fine music.

4.  Peria – We love to go there.  Actually most of the people watch out for Peria to open.  Everyone enjoys going there.

There are so much to tell, but I have only summarized the most common place where Generals stroll.  Well, if you can add something then feel free to make comments and suggestions.

The Christmas in Gensan Plaza

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The Plaza is fully decorated this Christmas time.  The views are some of the shots I took in my visit there.  Let me explain the pictures posted in the slide show.  Let’s start from bulbs.

  • You will see the 58 bulbs there, the light of those bulbs gives highlight in the plaza.
  • It’s the statue of General Paulino Santos.
  • The Sydney hotel, you can see that hotel when you’re in front of the plaza.
  • The bibliography of General Paulino Santos.
  • The big boulders located just inside the plaza.
  • The man-made water falls.
  • One of the plaza’s highlight, a pool of man-made swans.
  • Another artistic lights.
  • The City hall at glance.
  • The “Banga”.
  • One of Christmas designs.
  • The mango shake and “mais” store.
  • Fishballs, Generals love them.

St. Peter and Paul Parish Church (views in Christmas)

Catholics from Lagao attend mass at 4:00 in the morning and 8:00 in the evening.  This the church decoration for Christmas 2011,

The last mass before Christmas 2010

The view inside the church